Free enterprise grade
secure communications


Secure chat for personal and group messages with any of your contacts on Ceerus

Voice + Video

End-to-end encrypted high quality voice and video calls with any Ceerus user over any network condition

Security bubbles

Dynamically connect to different servers to change data storage and access policies


Add premium functionality to connect with contacts on apps like WhatsApp and Wickr or call users that don’t have the Ceerus app

A single app to securely manage all your enterprise communications for free, for life. Combine with Ceerus Connectors and Ceerus Enterprise to take control of your communications and choose where it is stored and who can access it.

Built for enterprise

Ceerus App was built from the ground up for the enterprise environment. With the increase in remote working, staff and customers are exposed to a wide range of cyber risks.

Phishing Attacks

Ceerus App authenticates every user to ensure that the person on both sides of the call are who they say they are. This starts from the second the user is onboarded to every single call that takes place, which is encrypted using ID-based encryption to ensure every conversation is authenticated on both sides.


Ceerus App encrypts all data - whether it’s voice, video or chat – using the same end-to-end encryption to prevent eavesdropping.

SS7 Attacks

Weaknesses in the telecoms network can be exploited by hackers to expose your communications. Ceerus encrypts all data “Over The Top (OTT)” to provide an additional level of security on top of your telecoms networks to prevent these types of attacks.

Third Party Protection

We will never share your data with advertisers or monetise your data in any way so you can be sure that your data always stays private.

Hosting and Access Control

With Ceerus Enterprise, you control exactly where the data from the Ceerus App is stored, who hosts the servers and who has access to it. We provide complete control of the entire infrastructure to our customers.

Secure from the
ground up

Ceerus App was built with security at the core of every design decision. Read more about the protocols and techniques we use to make sure your data is always kept secure.

Ceerus App uses the latest technologies to ensure we are always keeping your data secure from the constantly evolving threats your organizations faces. From the ID-based key management technology called Mikey-Sakke to data encryption using a FIPS140-2 approved implementation of the AES encryption algorithm.

We are constantly adding additional capabilities to the platform to ensure security is never compromised.

Ceerus App

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Ceerus App and why you should use it.

Ceerus App is a free for life enterprise grade secure messaging app built on the Ceerus platform. It currently supports secure voice, video and messaging using the Mikey-Sakke standard promoted by the National  Cyber Security Centre

All communications are encrypted at the device to enable end-to-end security. The encryption is carried out using industry standard AES-128, which is recommended for OFFICIAL level communications.

Unlike many of the commercial apps that have security built in as an afterthought, Ceerus was developed from the ground up with security at every layer. All the security protocols and technology used in Ceerus are widely accepted standards.

The main focus for Ceerus is around better security and better control of data. We don’t want to change the way people use their favourite apps in the workplace but we are developing Ceerus as a way for our users to continue communicating the way they like while enabling enterprises that own the risk to secure their data better and control it better to make compliance easier.

The Ceerus app is free of charge and provides unlimited voice, video and messaging capability to other Ceerus users. Premium features for enterprise, such as distributed key management or third party messaging services connecters can be purchased from SQR Systems.*Data charges may apply. Contact your mobile service provider for details.

Ceerus is available to anyone through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

All call and message data are encrypted end-to-end so you can be confident that nobody else is able to access your data but you. Even we don’t have access to the contents of your calls and messages because we don’t store it in our servers.

We do not store your contact directory anywhere. During initial setup, we check your contact directory to see who is already a Ceerus subscriber but this information is not stored.

Ceerus App provides end-to-end encryption, security and compliance and can be connected with third party services or enterprise level data control features using Ceerus Enterprise.


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Free enterprise grade
secure communications