Security as a Service to enable
rapid deployment

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Deploy and maintain security in all your applications with minimal development effort using the pre-built Ceerus Software Development Kit and APIs that take away the pain of implementing strong security.

  • Key management

  • Data encryption

  • User authentication and onboarding

  • Data retention

  • VOIP and message routing

Compliance out of
the box

The security components of the Ceerus platform have been tried and tested in the most demanding evironments. Using the simple SDK and APIs, you can build the same level of security into your products and achieve regulatory compliance without the heavy investment requirements for building a secure product from scratch

Future proofing your security against emerging threats becomes easier using our Security as a Service model that allows you to keep your entire security stack up to date without the need for a dedicated support and maintainance team.

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A service based
approach to security

We are adding new services to
our platform to provide a wide
variety of features and
functionality to support every

Using MIKEY-SAKKE: Building secure
multimedia services

September 28th 2016

Our Key Management Servers use the Mikey-Sakke standard promoted by the UK government as the next generation standard for regulated environments. Using our online KMS service, enterprise keys for every application can be managed through one single, easy to use API

Voice, video, messaging

Ceerus offers all the functionality needed to setup a secure voice, video and messaging service within your existing apps or to build new ones quickly without worrying about infrastructure setup, scalability or cost of development

User orchestration

User management services, including onboarding, offboarding and authentication can all be accessed using simple APIs that offer industry leading security and processes to ensure a frictionless experience for users while providing highest levels of security using multifactor authentication and ID based encryption as standard

Infrastructure deployment

Cloud services on leading platforms like AWS and Rackspace as well as on-premise deployments can all be managed using simple APIs that take away the complexity of deploying secure communications services at scale with a variety of options for hosting environment and data storage

Ceerus SDK/API

Our simple usage-based pricing means you don’t
get locked into big contracts.

Category Price Unit
Instant messaging £0.001 Per message
Voice Calls (VOIP) £0.002 Per minute
Video Calls (High Quality) £0.006 Per minute
Video Calls (Standard Quality) £0.003 Per minute

Ceerus SDK/API

Here are some of the frequently
asked questions about Ceerus
SDK/APIs and why you should
use it.

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What is Ceerus SDK/API?

The Ceerus Software Development Kit and APIs contain all the software packages to allow developers to integrate secure communications capabilities quickly into their new and existing products with minimal coding and development

How is Ceerus SDK/API different from Ceerus Connectors?

Ceerus SDK/API enables integration of Ceerus capabilities into an app or service while Ceerus Connectors allow you to break out of the Ceerus platform to use channels of communication on our various partner platforms

How secure are Ceerus SDK/API?

Ceerus SDK/API provides the same encryption, key management and authentication capabilities as the Ceerus App and ensure all conversations are end-to-end secure

What is different about Ceerus SDK/API compared to other messaging APIs?

Ceerus SDK/API was built from the ground up with security in mind. The technology has already been proven in some of the most challenging environments. Deploying Ceerus SDK/API with Ceerus Enterprise or Ceerus Connectors allows organisations to take complete control of their communications data.

Who can use Ceerus SDK/API?

Ceerus SDK/API is for developers and product teams who want to build strong security into their products

Who can access the data handled by Ceerus SDK/API?

With Ceerus SDK/API, you are in complete control of who has access to your data. Our end-to-end encryption ensures that no decrypted content is exposed anywhere in the network or servers.


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Is WhatsApp secure for
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April 2nd 2020

Using MIKEY-SAKKE: Building secure multimedia services

September 28th 2016

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October 27th 2020

Is WhatsApp secure for
business use?

April 2nd 2020

Using MIKEY-SAKKE: Building secure multimedia services

September 28th 2016

Finalists for International Space
Pitch Day revealed

October 27th 2020

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